TRAVEL THE WORLD: there is so much to see. Do it now, wherever you can, whenever you can.

Ayers Rock, Australia

               Sunset, Lake Titicaca, Peru

Hong Kong

Vancouver, British Columbia


The Great Wall of China

The Great Barrier Reef

I grew up in Texas, but went to high school in Panama, my Dad was adventurous. In Panama, many of the parents I knew were in their 60s. They would tell my parents about all of the great things they would do, all the wonderful trips they would take – after they retired. For far too many men in particular, they retired, fell into ill health and 6 months later they were dead.

I vowed that would never happen to me – and it hasn’t. I travel whenever I can, wherever I can, as often as I can.

Why wait for the ‘perfect time’ to take that exotic vacation to Machu Picchu or the Great Barrier Reef – do it now or at least soon: next month or next year. Think you can’t afford it? You can. I took my two kids to Peru with me for less than what many people pay for a big screen television. I love to watch football too, but I love to travel the world much more. Carpe diem!

The pictures on this page and the experiences I have had (so far) are my why. My goal and mission is to help inventors and entrepreneurs to discover their why’s. I want to use what I have learned to guide other entrepreneurs around roadblocks to achieve their dreams and aspirations much more quickly than I did.

I hope you enjoy my photographs and that they will inspire you to plan your next big, exciting trip – soon!

Sydney Opera House
Alice Springs


Machu Picchu
Ollantaytambo, Peru
Armantani Island, Peru


Cusco, Peru
Forbidden City, Beijing
Happy People
Hong Kong