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Like a real estate agent, I am formally introducing you to my ‘house' (my website, to show you things you may find helpful, and to clarifying my mission – why I am doing all of this, the bigger purpose.

Today's blog is a formal introduction to in 3 ways:

  1. Why does anyone need
  2. Why am I doing this – what is my mission?
  3. What help can provide?

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Why Does Anyone Need

Of course I love my website, but why do you or other inventors need it?

Allow me to illustrate with my story – because I think you will identify with it – and it will clearly answer ‘why does anyone need'?

In 2002, when I came up with my ‘aha' idea for a thin, flexible wallet, I just knew it was a valuable idea – don't you feel that way about your inventions?

Anyways, I had no clue what to do with my lightbulb idea, so I found a patent attorney and filed for a utility patent. Bad idea to proceed that quickly in that order – but I didn't know any better then. I had no idea how to find a prototyper, so I just made several crude prototypes of my wallet design and showed them around to a few people. I had no clue how to manufacture my product – and didn't really want to do that – so I set out to license my product. Three years later, my licensing road show wasn't going too great – so I figured I'd just find someone to manufacture for me and see if I could sell them. I paid too much for my initial 500 wallets (too low a profit margin) but it did allow me to test them out and buyers loved the product. Ultimately, many fumbles and bumbles and years later, I was able to sell them on QVC successfully and then found real success licensing them as Wonder Wallet in 2014. Enough of my story, you get the picture.

Note in my story, almost every chapter begins with “I had no idea…” or “I had no clue…” – can you identify with this? I bet you can. I did, ultimately, figure out a path to success – but it took me 13 years. Yikes!

So, to answer the question in the header above, here is the reason inventors need – to be a tour guide along the crazy safari of the inventing journey. Read on for more details.

Why am I Doing This – What is My Mission?

There are millions of inventors with great product ideas, but only a tiny fraction will ever find their way to retail store shelves and into the homes of millions of consumers. Why?

For inventors, the process is akin to being plunked somewhere in the middle of Africa with no map, no cell phone, no tour guide and being told, “find your way to Nairobi. Good luck!” What is ‘Nairobi', where is it, where am I now, and how do I get from here to Nairobi?

You need a tour guide so you don't spend years ‘lost in the jungle' as I did.

During my years as an inventor, I have met with many inventors and heard their trials and tribulations. Many spent years, and thousands or tens of thousands of dollars financing their inventive dreams. Money, in many cases, they really couldn't afford to spend – some emptied their retirement accounts or maxed out credit cards – to keep their dreams alive. Sadly, many of them fell victim to nefarious invention marketing companies, proffering promises, but only draining bank accounts. Yet they were no closer to realizing their dreams of commercial success.

I have had the good fortune of achieving commercial success as an inventor – I want many other inventors to achieve success.

My mission, my purpose is to help inventors to economically achieve success , and more quickly than I did, by recognizing and avoiding roadblocks and scams, to direct them along a productive path – ergo my ‘tour guide' analogy. is my office to the world to provide useful resources and to direct you and other inventors to upcoming free webinars. Through consulting, I can help a few inventors, but through the funnel of webinars, I can help thousands of inventors with cost-effective resources.

I want to help thousands, not a few. My next chapter will be a weekly podcast – later this year.

That is my mission.

What Help Can Provide?

I have distilled and presented much of what I have learned during my journey as an inventor on So, let me show you around a bit to what kind of help you can find and where on

On my Home page, your will see a few of my global travel photos (I love to travel when I can) and you can read my story in a bit more detail. Also, there is PDF called 5 Steps to Launch Your New Invention – a great introductory course to inventing – for free. There is also a Cell Phone Users Click Here button – is is a better experience for those using cell phones.

Speaking of travel and photos, I created a special page chock full of some of my favorite travel photos from China, Australia, Peru, Canada, Hawaii and other beautiful places – check out the My Travels tab. This is not especially educational, just fun and hopefully motivational for you.

Next, on my Blog tab (where you are now) are over 4 years of weekly blogs on many different topics. I have covered topics in my blogs that I think you will find helpful, including advice about:

And Last, but not least (there is more on the site) is the Inventors Resources tab.

On that page, you will find more free PDF information files and a step-by-step Your QVC Debut file ($6.99) that is exactly how I was able to sell successfully on QVC. There are also a couple of videos on this page. Generally, though, this page is just what it says – resources for inventors. Look for changes and new things coming soon.

Some of the pages are about to be updated and will be changed a bit from what you see right now.

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