My Family

My children Michael and Victoria who journeyed to Peru with me recently.


ALAN BECKLEY Inventor, Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster. It is true success is a journey, not a destination. After over thirty years in the corporate world as an engineer and telecom project manager, I became a full-time entrepreneur in 2009.

It was scary then and a bit scary now. Many of my colleagues erroneously refer to me as ‘retired’ because I don’t make daily commutes as they do, but I work more hours than many of them. I work days, evenings and often on weekends in my business enterprises at times when most of them are relaxing at home, watching television or enjoying time with friends.

Why do I and other entrepreneurs choose to take risks, go into debt, work long hours, face many setbacks and disappointments with no guarantee of success? Because we value two freedoms more than a ‘guaranteed’ paycheck: freedom of time and financial freedom. Being able to choose to use your time as you see fit is a precious freedom that more people should enjoy.