Inventing is a Long Journey

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LAUNCH: A New Webinar for Inventors – 15 Years in the Making

During the last 15 years, I’ve made many mistakes; I’ve tried countless ideas that flubbed. Fortunately, I found a few things that worked. For me, frustrating trial and error mistakes yielded valuable experience, knowledge, and, ultimately, success.

Over 8 years, I manufactured my invention, Savvy Caddy slim wallets, in China. I sold them wherever I could whenever I could, from fairs to military base BXs, from VA hospitals to QVC. Ultimately, I licensed my product to Allstar Products – where they sold over 1 million Wonder Wallets in the first year, providing nice royalty income for me and giving me freedom of time.

The one question I heard continually from other inventors is, “why does it take years to get anywhere with my invention?”

Time is the single greatest barrier and frustration for inventors – it takes too long. I realized every inventor that I knew had invested years and precious money into their products. A few had achieved commercial success, but most continued toiling, tweaking, and pitching their products for many years, hoping for a long-overdue homerun.

The good news is I have discovered tools, tactics, and resources to dramatically shorten the time from 5-6 years down to 1 or 2 years (sometimes less). I currently have one product in the final licensing phase and two others being tested for DRTV and more in the pipeline. I am able to move forward much quickly now. I can help you to do that too.

I have packaged what I have gleaned over 15 years into a new webinar for inventors called LAUNCH.

LAUNCH is a step-by-step process to guide the inventor through: how to evaluate a new idea critically; ensure it is really unique; determine the best business option; coordinate options for IP; and hammer out prototypes and packaging.

LAUNCH Webinar: A Quicker Path to Success – Why Wait so Long?

The Learn new processes section will contain 2 videos describing why the LAUNCH process works and also guidance on how to plan for the upcoming inventing journey.
The Assess your idea’s viability section of the webinar will have 3 videos: one to introduce product viability generally; one to address commercial viability; and on legal liabilities that could impact an otherwise enticing product.
The Uncover if unique or not section will consist of 3 videos: an introductory video on uniqueness generally; a video showing how to conduct a reasonably comprehensive patent search for free; and a video describing how to determine if a similar product is already selling online or in retail or catalogs.
Navigate business options addresses the two key ways for inventors to formulate their business: build and market the invention themselves (DIY); or license the patent to a company in exchange for a small royalty – percent of net sales. Here again, there will be three videos: an introductory video about business options, then one each for DIY marketing and licensing the product.
Coordinate your IP will describe how to craft  an effective patent plan for your product. The role that may be played by any combination of provisional, design, and utility patents will be discussed. Three videos are envisioned with one featuring a patent attorney giving specific legal advice about patent strategies.
Hammer out your prototypes and packaging is the next phase of your invention journey – moving forward with commercialization. There will be a video introducing the topic, another discussing ways to build prototypes cost-effectively, and a third that addresses key elements of packaging your product.
Bonus – will have 2 additional videos that showcase two trustworthy companies that can help you with licensing your product (full disclosure – I help inventors with licensing as well).


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I can design what I think is a perfect, fantastic webinar and put it out there and it will flop. Guaranteed. Why? Because the solutions I think should be in the webinar may not match what you, the customer, wants and needs. The only way I can design a webinar guaranteed to meet and exceed your needs is to get feedback, lots of it, from you!

You can help me by registering below as either a Contributor or an Early Bird. I will look to both groups for valuable feedback, ideas, and critiques based upon your own unique inventor journey. There is no charge to register and provide valuable feedback as a Contributor. Those who register as Early Birds pay an advanced fee of $195 for full access to all the contents of the webinar. This is the lowest cost that will ever be offered for the webinar and Early birds, by paying in advance, will lock in that lowest rate. Early Bird registration is fully refundable, money-back guaranteed with no questions asked up to launch date of 11/15/17. After launch, Early Birds, if they are unhappy for any reason may receive a full refund for 30 days – until 12/15/17. What will Early Birds receive?

In addition to the approximately 20 videos I described above, the LAUNCH webinar Early Birds will get access to the Ideas to Wealth website for all webinar content (not yet in place), and a members only Facebook group. The website will provide access to all of the content to members only; you and other inventors will be able to share experiences and ideas within the Facebook group after launch. I will also regularly drop in to the Facebook group to respond to questions and give feedback to members.

The approximate retail value for 20 information-rich videos is $600. Additionally, having access to other inventors, just a click away, in the Facebook group is a great value. Lastly, as more videos are added to the website over time, Early Birds will have full access to those as well, at no additional charge. Early Bird members will lock in a price that will never be offered to anyone again, only $195. After the webinar is launched, future clients will pay a rate of at least $499 for access to the same information that the Early Birds get for $195.Any Contributor who wishes to obtain the $195 price, may register, at any time, to be an Early Bird, with one caveat.

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