Inventing is a Long Journey

We provide tools, tips, and tactics to help you achieve success more quickly.

LAUNCH: A New Webinar for Inventors – 15 Years in the Making

During the last 15 years, I’ve made many mistakes; I’ve tried countless ideas that flubbed. Fortunately, I found a few things that worked. For me, frustrating trial and error mistakes yielded valuable experience, knowledge, and, ultimately, success.

Over 8 years, I manufactured my invention, Savvy Caddy slim wallets, in China. I sold them wherever I could whenever I could, from fairs to military base BXs, from VA hospitals to QVC. Ultimately, I licensed my product to Allstar Products – where they sold over 1 million Wonder Wallets in the first year, providing nice royalty income for me and giving me freedom of time.

The one question I heard continually from other inventors is, “why does it take years to get anywhere with my invention?”

Time is the single greatest barrier and frustration for inventors – it takes too long. I realized every inventor that I knew had invested years and precious money into their products. A few had achieved commercial success, but most continued toiling, tweaking, and pitching their products for many years, hoping for a long-overdue homerun.

The good news is I have discovered tools, tactics, and resources to dramatically shorten the time from 5-6 years down to 1 or 2 years (sometimes less). I currently have one product in consideration for licensing and another being tested for DRTV and more in the pipeline. I am able to move forward much quickly now. I can help you to do that too.

I have packaged what I have gleaned over 15 years into a new webinar for inventors called LAUNCH: Transform Your Idea Into a Successful Invention  – or just LAUNCH for short.

LAUNCH is a step-by-step process to guide the inventor through: how to evaluate a new idea critically; ensure it is really unique; determine the best business option; coordinate options for IP; and hammer out prototypes and packaging.

LAUNCH Webinar: A Quicker Path to Success – Why Wait So Long?

Do any of these situations apply to you:

  • I have many ideas but no time. How do I pick the best one?
  • My invention is patent-pending, what should I do next?
  • I’ve got sales and happy customers, but how do I ‘go big’?
  • I’ve spent lots of time and money, but nothing seems to work.

If so, the LAUNCH webinar is a perfect fit for you. During this FREE webinar, you will learn:

  • 3 costly mistakes in the first 60 days – will cost you thousands – and how to avoid them.
  • 3 small changes to your pitch will insure decision makers are listening to you – not checking their emails. These tweaks may land you a deal.
  • 3 crucial factors can determine if your invention is truly a viable product. Skipping this step could cost you thousands.
  • And more …

The webinar is a FREE live event, all you need to attend is a reservation, your laptop, tablet, or computer.

The LAUNCH webinar is 1 hour in length, chock full of information with time for your Q & A’s as well. The LAUNCH webinar is your next step on your inventing journey to success.

More webinars are coming in January, don’t miss out!

Want Even More Value? Register Now for the Early Birds Program.

In addition to providing free webinars to inventors. I am designing a premium program of material for inventors called the Early Birds.

The LAUNCH webinar provides FREE, valuable content across the 6 phases of inventing as described below.

In Phase 1, inventors learn to adjust their thinking, learn keys to doing the perfect pitch, about the importance of having a 30-second commercial. In Phase 2, inventors learn about 3 crucial measures they need to assess, objectively, the viability of their inventions. Inventors learn tools, tips, and tactics to determine if their product is really unique in Phase 3. Phase 4 is all about ways to choose the best business option - licensing or DIY - for their invention. In Phase 5, inventors learn to coordinate their IP - their intellectual property - which is the foundation of all inventing success. In Phase 6, inventors are shown keys to successful prototyping and packaging of their products - key to commercial success.

The Early Birds programs takes all of the tools introduced in the LAUNCH webinar to much greater depth: describing step-by-step, how you can take each of these tools, tips, and tactics and adapt them, specifically, for your invention.

Here is just some of the valuable information you will learn from the Early Birds program:

  • Your 30-second commercial - how to design the perfect pitch for your product step-by-step
  • 3 crucial measures of viability - how to critique your product in depth before you spend thousands
  • How to do your own detailed retail search and free patent search - before you invest in a product that might already be 'out there'
  • Resources for cost-effective prototyping so you don't break the bank
  • Keys to creating effective packaging to make your product grab attention in retail stores
  • And much more ....

The Early Birds program contains 20 detailed instructional videos that show you, in detail, how to use each of the tools directly for your invention. Early Birds members will gain access to all materials via a private website - not available to the general public and a members only private Facebook group. The website will provide access to all of the content to members only; you and other inventors will be able to share experiences and ideas within the Facebook group after launch. I will be available to interact directly with Early Birds members each Tuesday at 7 pm Central to answer your questions after launch of the program.

Those who register for Early Birds pay an advanced fee of $195 for full access to all the contents of the program. This is the lowest cost that will ever be offered for the Early Birds program, by paying in advance, will lock in that lowest rate. The 20 information-rich videos, alone, have a retail value of approximate retail value of $600. The value of the private Facebook group, where members can share their learning and experiences with the community and weekly Q&A meetings with me via the Facebook group is priceless.

Additionally, the value of your access to other Early Birds inventors, just a click away, in the private Facebook group is priceless. Lastly, as more videos are added to the website over time, Early Birds will have full access to those new videos as well, at no additional charge. Early Birds members will lock in a price that will never be offered to anyone again, only $195. After the website is launched, future clients will pay a rate of up to $495 for access to the same information that you, as an Early Birds get for $195.

So, when will the website and private Facebook group be open to new Early Birds members?

The entire Early Birds program will go live on Tuesday, January 30, 2018.

Between now and then, I will design and tweak all the material based upon valuable input I get from members like you. This is so I can tailor the program and its contents to fit your needs. Your investment of $195 is secured with a 30-day, no-questions asked refund policy if, for any reason, you are unhappy. This means that at any time between now and March 2, 2018, you are unsatisfied, you will receive a full refund (that is 30 days after program launch on 1/30/18).

There is just one caveat.

Once a total of 50 people have registered as Early Birds - and we have quite a few already - registration at the Early Birds rate of $195 will no longer be offered. Register now so you don't miss out on this low introductory rate.

Please click below to register now for Early Birds. (Note, Early bird cost is $195 + applicable sales taxes.)