This week, I am excited to roll out my new webinar for inventors:

Transform Your IDEA Into a Successful Invention – Wed 11/15/17 at 7 pm Central

Trust me, I know from personal experience just how hard it is to be an inventor.

One day, you have that aha moment – a new invention idea comes to you from seemingly nowhere when you're sleeping, showering, or driving to work in rush hour traffic. It's a great idea and you feel a rush of excitement, imagining your product flying off store shelves and growing your bank account.

Then, the 3 P's of hard work begins: patenting, prototyping, and pitching your product. You may spend thousands of hours and dollars in this phase and; years later, have nothing much to show for it – except a smaller bank account and frustration. Lots of great invention ideas simply die at some point during this phase. It is such a shame.

My goal is to do everything I can to change that by helping inventors to achieve success.

Time For You to Achieve Success With Your Invention

I've spent the last year designing the Transform Your IDEA Into a Successful Invention webinar because I want you to experience the thrill of success with your invention – seeing your product on store shelves in Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Walmart and other stores, as I have. The Transform Your IDEA webinar incorporates what I learned over the 15 years of my journey from a struggling to a successful inventor.

Why should you attend this webinar?

Here are 3 of the valuable tips, tools, and tactics you will learn during the FREE webinar:

  • Three costly mistakes you could make in the first 60 days – that will cost you thousands of dollars – or even put you out of business. I'll show you what you should do instead.
  • Three small changes to your pitch that will insure your audience is eagerly listening to you – instead of checking their email messages. Most inventors overlook these changes and find their pitches falling on deaf ears.
  • Three crucial factors that will tell you if your invention is truly a viable product. Skipping this step could cost you thousands

The webinar will cover this and much more, including strategies for IP protection, prototyping, how to do a free patent search and more.

Reserve Your Seat for the Webinar – Wednesday 11/15/17 at 7 pm CentralĀ 

Don't miss out! The webinar is in two days – Wednesday 11/15/17 – 7 pm Central/ 5 pm Pacific/ 8 pm Eastern

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