In this week's blog, I'm taking a bit of a break and metaphorically handing the microphone over to you. This is your chance to tell me what you think.

My goal, my mission, is to do all that I can to help other inventors to achieve more success, more quickly.

As you know, invention is a roller coaster ride: exhilarating one week, then frustrating the next and back again. It is also a bit of a lonely profession. Are any of your colleagues at work also inventors? The answer is almost certainly no. The more you tell them about the patent process or your efforts to market your invention, the more you get quizzical looks from them. You know what they are thinking, “why is she doing this?”

Your friends and colleagues certainly don't understand what you are doing or why, so they cannot help you. On the other hand, there is a contingent who is happy, even enthusiastic about helping you – and they are the ones you must strenuously avoid – the invention marketing companies.

Who can you turn to for help?

Your best source for help, as an inventor, is always going to be other inventors – like me – who are traveling the same path as you.

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Your Thoughts on My Blogs

I'd very much like your feedback on my blog posts.

Do they provide helpful, informative information for you, or not so much? Are there topics you'd like to see me cover that I am not covering now? If so, please give me your topic ideas and I will write about them. Are there topics that you feel are of little or no interest to you? Please tell me why and again, what would be more interesting for you.

Also, what have you found to be helpful, informative? In what ways have my blogs assisted you in your inventive journey? I'd love to know your thoughts and feedback on this. Has there been an aha moment you have gotten from reading one of my blogs?

It would be extremely valuable for me to know what it was and how it helped you.

You can, of course, just comment below the blog in the Comments section. Also, you can email me directly at:

Have You Checked Out My Weekly Free Webinar for Inventors?

I am firmly convinced, based on my experience, that licensing offers the best, most cost-effective, and the most lucrative way for you to profit from your invention.

As a result, I now provide a free weekly webinar for inventors, called License Your Invention for Royalties.

The webinar covers many topics: including 7 keys to licensing; the one secret you must know to succeed – that most inventors don't know; and how to license for less than $500. There is time for lots of Q & A's at the end, as well. Many of you have already attended the webinar and I have gotten some good feedback thus far.

For a direct link to sign up for the next free webinar (on Thursday), just click here. I ask you to register so I know who and how many are going to attend.

Here again, more feedback from you would be great.

What would you like to know regarding invention licensing? What have you heard about licensing – positive or negative? If you have attended the free webinar, what did you find helpful? What was your biggest take-away? Was there a topic you were less interested in or didn't find to be helpful?

Please give me your thoughts in the Comments section below or email me and give me your thoughts.

Coming Attraction: My Podcast for Inventors

I have to admit it. I am a podcast junkie. I listen to a lot of podcasts, from Pat Flynn, to JLD (John Lee Dumas), to Amy Porterfield, Rick Mulready, James Wedmore and others. You may or may not share my enthusiastic embrace of podcasts, but if you begin to listen each week – you'll soon be hooked.

Podcasts are a great way to have a conversation with thousands of people each week. Busy professionals love podcasts because they can plug them into their head phones while they are commuting, working out, or resting at home. Lots of lost time, like commuting to and from work, can be transformed into learning time instead.

Have you found or listened to any podcasts that are especially for inventors? There are a few. Robert Bear has a good one about inventor stories. Stephen Key has informational videos and short training, but not really podcasts. There are just a few others, most of which I feel aren't very good, frankly.

So, what do inventors do? We see a problem and seek to create an invention or solution to the problem, right?

My plan is to create what I believe will be a world-class weekly podcast for inventors. I will regularly interview guests – successful inventors – to ask them the kinds of questions you want to know, like:

  • What did you do before becoming an inventor?
  • Why did you choose to be an inventor?
  • Was there a setback or failure you experienced that later led to a big success for you? Tell us about it.
  • What was the biggest challenge you overcame to become successful?
  • What advice would you give to an inventor just starting out?

What kinds of questions would you like me to ask of successful inventors? What would you like to include in a podcast?

Please give me feedback in the Comments section below or just email me at

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Stay tuned!