Do you ever get frustrated – after you've pitched your product yet again, with high hopes – only hear “It's not really for us, at this time?”

Trust me, I have been there too, many times.

Here is the good news for you: inventors, much like Luke Skywalker can draw on The Force at any time to help them.

What the heck am I calling The Force and why don't most inventors seem aware of it? Read on.

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The Force – Is All Around You

If you are like most inventors, you are incredibly creative when it comes to your invention. You make detailed drawings, then refine them. Next, you begin making prototypes, which you obsess over and you continually test and refine prototypes, as well.

Am I right?

That's all good – and, indeed – is all absolutely necessary to achieve success. But, so many inventors seem to lack creativity when it comes to marketing their invention.

Perhaps this is why you may easily fall prey to the infamous invention marketing companies – who portray the marketing process as deceptively easy for them, while insisting that you have neither the tools, tactics, nor “connections” to succeed without their wise counsel.

Nothing could be further from the truth. You have at your disposal all the tools you need and you can make your own connections; and there are, in fact some companies you can trust to help you. All of this is, collectively, is what I call The Force that inventors must use productively.

The Force is in Your Own Backyard

Most major cities today have a Makers Space – a sort of playground for inventors to work on prototypes. At the Makers Space, you'll typically find CNC machines, 3D printers, table saws of various ilk, plus training and often 24/7 access for a small monthly membership. It is a super deal – thousands of dollars worth of equipment at your disposal.

Also, many inventors worry about finding prototypers in their area to assist them. They needn't worry – there are many ways to find and connect with prototypers to help you. Most local universities and community colleges have people who are skilled prototypers – and they'll often work quite inexpensively to assist. Also, local inventors groups are yet another part of the local Force you can tap. There you will find other inventors to help, patent attorneys, and often prototypers, as well.

The Force – Companies You Can Trust

Believe it or not, there are a few companies you can actually  trust to give you bona fide assistance with your invention. Before I describe them, I will give the disclaimer that you should always do your due diligence in checking out any company you wish to would work with before proceeding forward. Decide for yourself if any of the below resources are a good fit for you or not.

Lambert & Lambert is a company that can assist you in two ways: to do a product assessment, and to assist you with licensing your invention – if your product looks promising enough to them. For a fee of $200, they will do a comprehensive product assessment. The final report will be lengthy and detailed – maybe 10 – 15 pages (it has been a few years since I used them). They will happily sign a non-disclosure (NDA) to protect all of your patent rights. After they complete their product assessment, if your product scores high enough on their assessment, they will offer to assist you in licensing your invention at no charge to you, but they will share in any royalties, should they license your invention successfully.

Edison Nation provides somewhat similar services to Lambert & Lambert. Edison Nation will assess your invention idea (I believe there is a fee) and, if it looks promising, they will seek to license it for you. In the end, they will share in any royalties that may result of the licensing endeavor is successful. I believe that they have an arrangement whereby the inventor agrees to assign their invention over to Edison Nation during the licensing campaign. If successful, they guarantee you a set royalty – I believe it is 5% but am not sure. You must do your own due diligence and decide whether or not you are comfortable assigning your patent to Edison Nation. But, a number of inventors have had licensing success stories with Edison Nation.

Another resource is I believe that Quirky has the distinction of being the only company that may pay you a royalty for a product idea that is not patented or patent-pending. manages the expenses of product development by tapping thousands of idea people through crowd sourcing. This allows them to move the development process forward – for the right product – much more quickly. As with the others, make sure to do your due diligence to ensure you are comfortable with the ground rules. I believe pays a small royalty % of 2% on non-patented items and a bit higher royalty for patented products. As with the other companies, they will do a product assessment to determine whether or not they feel they can assist with your product.

So, like Luke Skywalker, you really do have access to The Force!

Also, don't forget, in the words of Yoda, “there is no try, there is only do…. or do not!”

Sorry if you tired of all the Star Wars references, they seem fitting to me!

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Stay tuned.