Here is just some of the valuable information you will learn from the Early Birds program:

  • Your 30-second commercial – how to design the perfect pitch for your product step-by-step
  • 3 crucial measures of viability – how to critique and apply to your invention before you spend thousands
  • How to do your own detailed retail search and free patent search – before you invest in a product that might already be ‘out there’
  • Resources for cost-effective prototyping so you don’t break the bank
  • Keys to creating effective packaging to make your product grab attention in retail stores
  • And much more ….

The Early Birds program contains 20 detailed instructional videos that show you, in detail, how to use each of the tools directly for your invention.

Early Birds members will gain access to all materials via a private website – not available to the general public and a members only private Facebook group.

The website will provide access to all of the content to members only; you and other inventors will be able to share experiences and ideas within the Facebook group after launch.

Alan Beckley will be available to interact directly with Early Birds members each Tuesday at 7 pm Central to answer your questions after launch of the program.

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You have taken the step to join the Early Birds members. The program is called Early Birds simply because, by paying in advance, you will receive a discounted price – of only $195 – that will not be offered to future customers.

In fact, total enrollment at this discounted price, is limited to only 50 enrollees. Once that total has been reached, the price will be increased to $245 for future members.

Register now to lock in the lowest price! Join those who have already joined Early Birds members. Total price is $195 plus taxes – typically about $211 total. Click on the link below to join today.